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Instructions for submitting documents to the CRplatformNL.

Start with downloading the template.

Right-click on the file on your own PC en left-click on "New". You will get a window with a new document.

On page 2 of the document you will find instructions on how to set the varius attributes.

Now obtain a document number for the new document. For the time being, please send an email to the webmaster and provide the following information:

The title of the document and the names and affiliation of the authors. You will get a document number and a filename sent back.

The instructions on the document are as follows:

CRplatformNL Document Template Instructions

To properly identify your Word document as an CRplatformNL Submission there are 4 steps that you must complete, and 7 data items that you must fill in.
Step 1. Obtain a document number (has the form yy/xxxx).
Step 2. Title page (above) - fill in